About Elegant South America

Elegant South America is a specialized South America tour operator, who offers inspiring experiential tours and custom crafted itineraries for the avid travelers. We have been in the market for over 8 years. Our team comes from a different part of the business. All specialists in International Trade, we have a different perspective of the business. We build strong relationships with hotels and local operators to offer the best rates and services possible, and to overcome difficulties, that may arise, faster than many others. Moreover, we have good relationships with governmental sectors, which could lead to a better deal for special groups with specific requirements that may not only involve tourism but business as well.

We believe that we must never stay put and keep moving forward and adapting to the market’s needs. The world is becoming more interconnected, and we need to take this into consideration when planning our business, which is mainly, creating journeys for our clients. When we do things well, people start to reach us. If we do something wrong, even more people will decide not travel with us, and that is something that we prevent every day from happening.

Besides the typical tours in every city, we offer luxury experiences that will amaze the travelers who come to the region.

We have many things to offer. Don’t wait one more second and contact us to start living your journey through South America!